NNGA Cultivar Inventory

The NNGA Cultivar Inventory is a large Excel workbook with three spreadsheet tabs.  There is one tab for user’s instructions, one tab for the actual public data, and one tab list the cultivars that have so far been entered for each species (for correct spelling).  There is a separate Excel workbook with the blank data entry form, which can be used to add records, update, or add new data to existing tree records.  In mid-2023, there were about 1500 tree records in the Cultivar Inventory spreadsheet.   Besides tree nut species and hybrids, there are many pawpaw and persimmon records in the inventory.

The following features are available related to the Cultivar Inventory:

  1. To download the blank data entry spreadsheet, click here.
  2. To view the data entry instructions, click here.
  3. To view the Cultivar Inventory spreadsheet and sort by the various data columns, email keeper@nutgrowing.org.
  4. To download the Cultivar Inventory workbook for analysis on your own computer, email keeper@nutgrowing.org.
  5. For questions about the NNGA Cultivar Inventory, email keeper@nutgrowing.org