Nut Tree Related Nursery List

We have put together a list of nurseries that either specialize in nut trees or at least offer nut trees. We do not endorse or recommend any particular nursery. This list is just for general information on where to purchase trees. If you would like your nursery listed on know of a nursery not on our list, please forward the information to us at and we will include it in this list. The question we receive the most is, "Where can I buy nut trees?". Hopefully this will help in getting you started growing tree nuts.

Nurseries Listed Alphabetically by Company, State, or Country

Company State/Province Country
American Chestnut Cooperators Foundation Virginia US
An Oklahoma Chestnut Oklahoma US
Barred Owl Brook Farm New York US
BlueHill Wildlife Nursery Pennsylvania US
Brambleberry Farm Indiana US
Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards Washington US
Chestnut Hill Tree Farm Florida US
Edible Landscaping Virginia US
Empire Chestnut Company Ohio US
England’s Orchard and Nursery Kentucky US
Forest Agriculture Enterprises Wisconsin US
Forestfarm Oregon US
Forrest Keeling Nursery Missouri US
George O. White Nursery Missouri US
Gingerich Tree Farm Illinois US
Grimo Nut Nursery Ontario Canada
Gurneys Seed and Nursery Co. Indiana US
Interwoven Permaculture Illinois US
Lafeuillée Nursery Quebec Canada
Morse Nursery Michigan US
Mountain State Chestnuts West Virginia US
Musser Forests Pennsylvania US
Nash Nurseries Michigan US
Nine Hazels Farm Minnesota US
Nutcracker Nursery and Tree Farm Quebec Canada
Oikos Tree Crops Michigan US
One Green World Oregon US
Perfect Circle Farm Vermont US
Raintree Nursery Washington US
Red Fern Farm Iowa US
Rhora Nut Nursery Ontario Canada
Rising Creek Nursery Missouri US
Rock Bridge Trees Tennessee US
Rolling River Nursery/Planting Justice California US
Route 9 Cooperative Ohio US
St. Lawrence Nurseries New York US
Stark Brothers Nursery and Orchards Co. Missouri US
The American Chestnut Foundation North Carolina US
The Wildlife Group Alabama US
Twisted Tree Farm New York US
Washington Chestnut Company Washington US
Z’s Nutty Ridge New York US