The Northern Nut Growers Association, Inc. (NNGA) is a national non-profit organization with members throughout the US and 15 foreign countries founded in 1910 to share information on nut tree growing. Our members include beginning nut culturists, farmers, amateur and commercial nut growers, experiment station workers, horticultural teachers and scientists, nut tree breeders, nursery people, and foresters.

The NNGA membership meets at a different site once a year, generally in July or August. We visit local amateur and commercial orchards, experimental and research sites; nurseries and nut processing plants. There are lectures on all aspects of growing nut trees for the hobbyist and for the commercial nut grower. Both amateurs and professional experts are always on hand to share their knowledge and experience. There are demonstrations of grafting, advice on which nut cultivars to choose for individual climate and soil condition, nut evaluations and displays of equipment and new products. Several members usually donate nuts for cracking and eating.

NNGA Officers and Directors


  • Tim Ford, OR — President
  • Shawn Mehlenbacher, OR– Vice President
  • Jeanne Romero-Severson, IN — Treasurer
  • Tom Molnar, NJ — Secretary


  • Jerry Van Sambeek, MO – Director 2020
  • Jim McKenna, OH – Director 2020
  • Joe Hietter, OH – Director 2019
  • Roger Smith, IA — Director 2019
  • Gordon Wilkinson, ON – Director 2018
  • Michele Warmund, MO – Director 2018
  • Dennis Fulbright, MI – Past President (2011 – 2014)


  • Tucker Hill, PA – Secretary Emeritus
  • Laverne Bish, NE
  • Richard Jaynes, CT