Our core mission within the NNGA is to promote all facets of nut growing and production. We offer an extensive library, grower scionwood swap, expertise contact info, and other resources for new and established growers.

We also offer research grants to institutions or individuals interested in researching nut trees. We welcome topics dealing with temperate zone tree nuts. Historically, the NNGA also welcomes research on pawpaws and persimmons.

Suggested topics include:

  • Propagation
  • Germplasm and Cultivar Evaluation
  • Pest Management and Pest Biology
  • Mechanical Harvesting
  • Postharvest Handling and Processing
  • Orchard Establishment
  • Orchard Care and Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Basic Biology and Ecology
  • Foreign Exchange, esp. Germplasm

Please check out our research grants tab, or contact for more information.