The NNGA Library contains books, articles, publications and files about chestnuts, black walnuts, persian walnuts, pecans, hickories, nut trees, nut growing, hazelnuts, butternuts, paw paw, persimmons, and tree care.
All sections of the library are listed below. The visitor can transfer to any section of the library from any page of the library by clicking the desired section.

Borrowing Books

NNGA members or those who become NNGA members when requesting a book, may borrow books from this list for up to two months. Non-members may not borrow books. Borrowers will be billed for postage.

Ordering Articles

The NNGA has been publishing articles on nuts and nut trees in its Annual Report since 1910. We have selected some of these articles for summarization to show the visitor an example of the kind of information that is available. These articles may be requested. You may also select articles that you find in other indices such as the Index of Nutshell Articles in the member area of this website or in the index of NNGA Annual Reports from 1910 – 1974 which is available for sale. (See below)

Articles are $2.00 for members; $10.00 for non-members. Most articles can be scanned and sent via email attachment. Postage will be added if an article has to be sent via postal mail.

Indices to Articles

An index of NNGA Annual Reports from 1910 – 1974 that can lead you to other helpful articles is available for purchase. The Annual Report Index is available for purchase at $6.50. Add $1.50 for each non-US order to defray the cost of postage. All prices are quoted in US dollars and are for prepaid orders.

An index of Nutshell Articles from 1975 through 2013 is available in the Membership Area of this website for use by members. An up-to-date index of articles in the Annual Report, post 1974 is coming soon.

How to Order

Go to the library request page and send the necessary information to the Librarian. This will allow us to reserve your book or prepare your article, and verify your membership.