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2019 Annual Conference NNGA
2019 Annual Conference NNGA

Our Annual Conference is held late July or early August and a different location each year. We organize the conference to be at a location of grower interest; we often gather near college campuses that have plantings and/or are near plantings, farms, or orchards.

This conference offers much for our members! Technical sessions cover a range of topics, include:

    • Cultivars
    • Equipment
    • Grafting demonstrations
    • Hulling & Shelling
    • Curing
    • Diseases
    • Research

Our general schedule includes:


The NNGA and NAFEX Boards will meet.  Distribution of registration packets will begin in the afternoon at 1:30 pm.  A welcome reception and dinner will be held that evening followed by the ever-popular Show and Tell session.


First day of technical presentations. Group dinner. Optional CAP activity.


Second day of presentations followed by a group photo. The annual banquet will be that evening with a cash bar.  An optional CAP activity. 


All-day field trip to local orchards, research stations, etc.

Meet and chat with like-minded individuals and network with experts. 

Families and children are welcome to! Enjoy tours and activities throughout the week.

The cultivar inventory categorizes member’s nut growing conditions, locations, types, and much more.

Growers add information to the inventory including:

    •  Zone
    • Ph
    • Terrain
    • Nut tree type 
    • Cultivar
    • Number of nuts grown
    • Comments

This provides important and valuable information to newer and experienced growers alike. Especially helpful if one wants to expand a planting or try new species.


Quarterly Publication The Nutshell & Annual Report

The Nutshell

Our quarterly publication The Nutshell is available to all members via print (three times a year) and digital. It includes useful information including:

    • Nut tree growing
    • New coverage
    • Announcements
    • Recipes
    • And much more!

We like to cross publish with state and national organizations as well. This publication is made up of member-submitted material, and we are always looking for new material.

Our Winter Photo Edition is online only and contains a years worth of pictures from our member. 

The Annual Report

Our Annual Report includes yearly updates about our organization including:

  • General description of our organization
  • Income statements, financial positions, cash flow, and notes on statements
  • Board member reports
  • List of company directors, executive officers, principal occupations
  • Stock information
  • Technical session reports from the year’s previous Annual Conference

Advertise your orchard, farm, planting, or business in our Nutshell. Contact the editor at for more information.

The NNGA Library contains books, articles, publications and files about chestnuts, black walnuts, persian walnuts, pecans, hickories, nut trees, nut growing, hazelnuts, butternuts, paw paw, persimmons, and tree care.

Members can request information directly from our librarian, Jerry Henkin. This includes historical information dating back to the early 20th century.