When you join NNGA, you receive the following benefits:

An invitation to our annual meeting which is held at a location of special interest to nut growers. Here you may join in discussions and see exhibits of standard and promising cultivars, equipment, grafting demonstrations, hulling, curing, shelling – and visit important local plantings. We have family trips for spouses and children as well as social events for all in attendance.

Access to the NNGA cultivar inventory which will help you to find those who grow nuts in conditions similar to yours. The cultivar inventory contains grower submitted information such as zone, pH, terrain, type of nut tree, cultivar, number of nuts grown and comments about the quality of the nuts and production volume. This information is especially valuable to newer growers and to those growers who are experienced but want to venture into growing a different type of nut or who are looking for advice on growing different cultivars.

THE NUTSHELL and THE ANNUAL REPORT, which are mailed and also available online in the Members Area. THE NUTSHELL, is a quarterly publication which contains articles about nut tree growing, news coverage of importance to nut growers such as quarantines, and announcements of current interest to members of the Association. THE ANNUAL REPORT contains the proceedings of the latest annual meeting which include the most recent data and authoritative information on all phases of nut tree growing. The importance of these reports is attested by the many standing orders from libraries and other institutions for copies of each volume as published. THE ANNUAL REPORT is now included in THE NUTSHELL in four installments.

One FREE classified advertisement per calendar year in THE NUTSHELL.

A lending library of books and periodicals on nut tree culture as well as back issues of NNGA publications is available to members.

Access to a network of experienced nut growers who can provide advice relating to nut growing.