Pine Nuts and Almonds May Help You Lose Weight

According to an article by Miranda Hitti published in WebMD Medical News, a study found that eating Korean pine nuts reduced appetites in the subjects. Fatty acids found in Korean pine nuts initiate the release of a hormone called cholesystoknin (CCK) which suppresses appetite.

The researchers gave 18 overweight women capsules of either pine nut oil or olive oil before serving them a meal of carbohydrates. The women’s levels of appetite-related hormones, including CCK and GLP-1, were checked over a period of four hours. The subjects also rated their appetite over that period. Those who had taken the pine nut capsules reported less hunger and showed higher levels of CCK and GLP-1 than those who took the placebo pills. Levels of two other appetite-related hormones — Ghrelin and PPY peptide — were similar in both groups.

It should be noted that the results do not cover long-term use or measure weight changes in people taking the pine nut oil. Also, the study was conducted by Lipid Nutrition, a company which makes a pine nut oil product called PinnoThin. More studies are needed to corroborate the findings of this study.

Other studies indicate that those who consume almonds lose more weight and fat mass than those who don’t. The cell walls of almonds appear to act as a physical barrier to the total absorption of fat.