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GENERAL INTEREST:  news groups, tree talk forums, nut nutrition, nut recipes, grafting, climatic zones, multi-nut sites

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  • Identify Trees
    Identify trees by leaves, fruit or Latin name on this site. This site contains pictures of many different trees together with their leaves and fruit to assist you in identification.
  • Garden Sheds
    Garden Sheds - Shedspot is the online King of Sheds, with a huge range of garden, workshop and general purpose sheds as well as aviaries, carports and garages all at discounted prices and delivered door to door.
  • TREETURES® - Fun / Learning / Making a Difference!new
    Environmental education focusing on trees and forests for children in pre-K through grade 3. Meet whimsical illustrated characters dedicated to carrying tree planting and tree care messages. Activities/Games/stories/Lesson Plans at Treetures® Environmental Education Program partners with US Forest Service, American Forests and United Nations Environment Programme to bring children the "vision of healthy forest ecosystems for every community. "
  • Bushel Baskets
    Crate & Basket manufactures wooden bushel baskets for harvesting nuts, fruit, vegetables, and produce.
  • A Blog on the world of nuts
    This blog includes a wealth of information about nut nutrition and the health benefits of nuts along with historical facts, nut quotes and folklore. The visitor will also find original recipes that incorporate nuts in unique ways. Visitors are invited to add comments, contribute recipes and express any "nutty" thoughts they might have.
  • Improving Perennial Plants for Food and Bioenergy (IPPFBE)
    The mission of IPPFBE is "scientific selection and improvement of under utilized perennial plants for the production of food, timber, and energy and the preservation and enhancement of soil for the benefit of all."
  • Hulled Sesame Seed
    Our motto is to provide our customers the best possible sesame seeds, sesame oil, sesame powder and other sesame products at the lowest possible prices.
  • On-line Education
    This site provides on-line education in a wide variety of subjects, including horticulture. Within horticulture, it provides on-line courses in nut crops.
  • Finest Quality British Apples at Farm Shop Prices - Tullens Fruit Farm
    English apples, organic lamb and apple juice at Farm Shop in Sussex (England). Tullens Fruit Farm breeds apples not found in supermarkets and is working against the standardization of fruit imposed by large supermarkets.
  • Nut Nutrition
    Which vitamins and minerals does my favorite nut provide? This Web site answers this question and others like it.
  • Gardening
    An online resource for lovers of gardening
  • Nut Recipes
    Large list of recipes for almonds, black walnuts, pecans, macadamias, pine nuts and cashews
  • Conifers Around the World
    The organization which owns this Web site is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to distribute knowledge about trees and enhance their preservation. Click here to learn more about 20 years of research which has culminated in the book, Conifers Around the World.
  • The Healthy Aspects of Eating Nuts
    Research reports demonstrate the role of nuts in combating various diseases. Included on the site is a chart showing the nutritional content of individual nuts.
  • Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
    The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (CHLA) is a core electronic collection of agricultural texts published between the early nineteenth century and the middle to late twentieth century. Full-text materials cover agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, animal science, crops and their protection, food science, forestry, human nutrition, rural sociology, and soil science. Scholars have selected the titles in this collection for their historical importance.
  • On-line Education for Nut Growers
    Click on "horticulture" to bring up courses on fruit and nut growing--both northern nut growing and nut growing in the tropics or warm areas.
  • Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
    This Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture site helps the non-specialist diagnose commonly encountered insect orders. 21 insect orders are covered. Color photos are included in the coverage.
  • Plants and Fruit Trees
    Unusual edible plants and fruit trees, including specialties from Chile.
  • Propagation of Fruit and Nut Trees
    This site, put up by Texas A & M, covers grafting, budding, and other methods of clonally propagating fruit and nut trees.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Speakers Bureau
    This site is a portal for speakers and organizations concerned with tree growing, forests and environmental issues.
  • Home Orchard Society
    Tips in planting, growing and grafting fruit trees. The Home Orchard Society offers a publication dealing with the technical and practical aspects of growing fruit trees. You can see its table of contents on the Web site.
  • Agriculture Today
    A directory of reviewed agricultural sites. Includes links to nurseries and greenhouses, seed companies, herb farms, garden supply, vegetable growers, landscape companies, botanical gardens, wineries, natural beauty, arts and crafts.
  • All About Pruning
    This "howto" guide is well illustrated and covers pruning in detail.
  • Nut Nutrition
    Click here to visit this site that presents the latest in nut nutrition research, recipes and cooking tips. This site, run by the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research and Education Foundation, concentrates on the following nuts: pistachio, pine, walnut, pecan macadamia, hazelnut, cashews, almonds and brazil nuts.
  • Direct Seeding Web Site
    Click here to visit this clearinghouse for information on tree seed and direct seeding. It is a vehicle for bringing together those who have tree seed with those who need tree seed.
  • Direct Seeding Web Site
    Click here to visit this clearinghouse for information on tree seed and direct seeding. It is a vehicle for bringing together those who have tree seed with those who need tree seed.
  • Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
    Click here to visit this newly formed USDA sponsored center at Iowa State University. There is detailed information on many market niches, how to get started, business structure and information on marketing and writing business plans.
  • Nut Production and Consumption Patterns
    Click here for this USDA report. (Report 294) A report on production and consumption patterns of fruit and nuts in the US in 2000/2001.
  • Economic Research Service Reports
    Click here for USDA outlook reports. Select "fruit and tree nuts" from the publications list for forecasts of changing conditions in the US fruit and nut sector. Topics include: production, consumption, prices, trade. You may subscribe for e-mail alerts related to these reports.
  • Portal for Environmental & Sustainability Issues
    Click here to visit the part of the site which focuses on urban food gardens, parks, trails and forests. Visit for a broader range of environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Cornell University
    If you're involved with agriculture in a commercial venture, the Smart Marketing articles can be very useful to you. Articles are available for download in printable format (PDF).
  • International Society of Arboriculture
    This site has discussion groups on tree climbing and on tree care.
    It can also help you find a certified arborist.
  • The Albright Farm Abroretum
    Visit the Albright's arboretum online.
  • Nut Recipes
    This site contains recipes for walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts and acorns.
  • Appropriate Technology Transfer For Rural Areas
    ATTRA is a leading information site for farmers and extension agents
    interested in sustainable farm practices.
  • Orchard Tours in New Zealand
    This is the site of a New Zealand estate that provides tours of
    its orchards that include chestnut, pine nut and macacamia trees.
  • Encyclopedia of Grafting
    Everything you wanted to know about grafting
    and great tips too!
  • Nut Growing in Illinois
    Everything the non-commercial growers would want to know about
    growing walnuts, hickory, pecans, chestnuts, filberts, almonds, hican,
    butternut and heartnuts.
  • Bookshop site
    This site contains books on a wide variety of fruit and nut trees.
    It is associated with the West Australia Nut and Tree Crop Association.
  • Planting & Cultural Requirements
    Ernest Grimo, one of NNGA's long time members, discusses
    planting and cultural requirements for nut trees.
  • Treelink
    This site was created by a number of tree organizations and
    includes a quarterly magazine on trees, news groups, and tree talk
    forums where the visitor can ask questions or post information.
  • Rare Fruits, Nuts & Plants
    Lon Rombough, one of NNGA's long time members, is engaged
    in many projects involving plants, including nut and fruit trees.
  • Agricultural Zones
    Put in your zip code and find your agricultural zone. Site contains
    description of zones and frost dates.
  • General Interest Items
    Nut growing, timber cutting, pest control, soil and water quality,
    landscaping, etc.
  • Farmer Joe's Home Page
    Joe Roberts likes to grow nut trees, including black walnut
    and Carpathian walnut trees. He has found a number of American
    Chestnut sprouts, one of which bore nuts for two years.
    Site contains pictures and an e-mail link that can be used to
    exchange information with Joe Roberts.

|Resources on particular nuts or fruits|

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|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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  • The main forestry service pagenew
    Use SEARCH to find numerous documents on forestry, oak, hickory walnut, pest, deer, wild turkey, etc.
  • Minnesota Extension Search Engine
    Suggested keywords for this search engine are: nut, walnut, butternut, hickory, oak, forest, road, wildlife, insect, pest, ipm, logging, fertilize, bird, landscape, herbicide, week, flower, soil test, lawn, poison ivy, meal, recreation, drainage.
  • Mississippi State University
    Suggested keywords for this search engine are: nut, walnut, pecan, hickory, timber, forestry, paulownia, muscadine, tax, capital gain, insect, disease, pest wildlife, turkey, deer, fence, garden, vegetable, compost, and grazing.
  • Homepage for New Crop News at Purdue University
    There are numerous publications of interest to nut growers and growers of minor fruits such as pawpaw and persimmon on this site, as well as a list of external links. Visitors can also search for a particular nut or fruit on its search engine. Suggested keywords are: pawpaw, filbert, walnut, hickory, black locust, persimmon, chestnut, mushroom, almond.  
    This site also has a database of information on hundreds fo edible plants and animal feed plants.
  • Dept. of Pomology, University of California at Davis
    The Department of Pomology's web site at UC Davis provides a calendar of events, information about research activities related to fruit and nut crops, and an extensive list of resources on fruits and nuts.  
    Click the "crop information" button for articles on almond, pistachio, hazel, walnut, apple, apricot, avocado, cherry, cerimoya, citrus, peach,fig, stone fruit, kiwi, olive, pear prune, strawberry, and many more.
  • University of Missouri Search Engine
    Suggested keywords are: pecan, walnut, tax, deer, fence, poison ivy, insect, disease, forestry, garden.
  • Search engine with Emphasis on Chestnut
    Suggested keywords are: chestnut, beekeeper, garden, fruit, vegetable, herb, insect, integrated pest management, lawn, tree disease. Information on chestnuts is especially detailed.

|Resources on particular nuts or fruits|

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LINKS TO RESOURCES ON ALMONDS would be a great resource for your association to learn how to improve orchard management practices and keep up to date on what is going on in the industry.
  • PacificNutProducer.comnew
    A great resource for learning how to improve orchard management practices and keeping up with what is happening in the industry.
  • American Almond
    This site contains sections on nut nutrition and industry news.
    It also provides lists of professional organizations, culinary schools
    and relevant books.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on butternuts|

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  • If A Tree Falls - Rediscovering the Great American Chestnutnew
    This book was written by Douglas Buege and is recommended for anyone interested in saving endangered species or restoring damaged ecosystems.
  • Chestnut Growers Co-op
    This chestnut co-op growers Web site contains chestnut recipes, scheduled chestnut roastings and descriptions of its value-added chestnut products which can be purchased. There is also information about the members of the co-op organization.
  • Chinquapins
    This entire Web site is dedicated to chinquapin chestnuts.
  • Chestnut Growers Web site at Penn State
    Much of the information on this site was developed by the American Chestnut Foundation.
  • Discussion List
    Sign up to exchange e-mail with other chestnut growers. You can post information or ask a question of everyone on the list with one e-mail.
  • Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation
    This site includes a newsletter, information sheets, chapter activities, and backcross program information. Pictures of chestnut leaves and trees are shown to help the visitor distinguish one chestnut tree from another.
  • Grafting Chestnut Trees
    This article about nut grafting was written by Ed Greenwell, Director of TN Projects, American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation. He has given nut grafting clinics.
  • On-Line Chestnut Forum
    Converse with chestnut growers and enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Starting Chestnuts from Seed
    Preparation of nuts for planting, how to plant nuts, care of the young tree. This easy-to-read fact sheet was written by Sandra Anagnostakis.
  • Chestnut Growers Discussion Group
    This site is an online list serve for chestnut growers. The list is an open forum for discussion on all subjects related to the growing of chestnut trees.
  • Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
    Select Search. Then enter "chestnut" into this site's search engine. Some of the articles are about starting chestnut from seed, sources of chestnut trees, chestnut cultivars, chestnut breeding, growing chestnuts.
  • Cooking with Chestnuts
    Selection and preparation of chestnuts
  • About Chestnuts
    General information about chestnut trees, including the story of the American chestnut tree.
  • J. Hill Craddock's Links to Chestnuts Sites
    Hill Croddock of the University of Tennessee has accumulated links to a wide variety of chestnut sites. Chestnut links are organized into the following categories: general, blight, American, European, Chinese, Japanese, Southern Hemisphere, chinkapins, recipes, products, nurseries, lumber, chestnut people.
  • A Comprehensive Resource for Chestnut Growers and Breeders
    20 years of research has gone into the following information on this site: detailed grafting methods, growing trees from seed, blight information, breeding for resistance, restoration methods and habitat.
  • Holiday Recipes
    Recipes include chestnut stuffing, chestnut soup and chocolate chestnut mousse.
  • Growing Chestnut Trees
    Tips on planting and caring for chestnut trees.
  • The Cost of Establishing a Chestnut Orchard
    The goal of this site is to bring together and provide information of use to growers, researchers, extension agents, vendors and suppliers.
  • The American Chestnut Foundation  

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on chestnuts|

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  • The Health Benefits of Hazelnutsnew
    Learn how and why hazelnuts can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Also, antioxidants found in hazelnuts have been suggested to reduce the risk of developing cancer.
  • Hazelnut Consortium
    The Hazelnut Consortium is working to develop hybrid hazelnuts into a sustainable crop for much of the US and southern Canada. Visitors to this site can sign up for news updates about this effort.
  • Bedford County Nursery
    Picture of Turkish Hazelnut tree.
  • Oregon State University
    This site contains comprehensive links and information about hazelnuts, including eastern filbert blight, pest management, pollination, cultivars, nurseries, and orchard floor management.
  • Hazelnut Marketing Board
    The visitor will find: a growers handbook, industry newsletter, formulas for large quantities, where to buy hazelnuts, hazelnut links.
  • Badgersett Research Farm
    This site includes a section on crop characteristics of hybrid bush hazelnuts and a section on marketing hazelnuts.
  • Hazelnut Growers of Oregon
    This site includes recipes, health benefits, and lists ways that hazelnuts can used by the consumer and by the food industry. A good site for consumers or marketers.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on hazelnuts|

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  • California Macadamiasnew
    A huge library on macadamias: history, field practices, pests, processing, propagation, trees, research.
  • The Macadamia Story
    The history of the macadamia nut in Australia.
  • The Australian Macadamia Society
    Members of this organization are nurseries, processors and marketers. Site contains information about harvesting, processing and storing macadamias. It provides a nutrition breakdown of macadamias and discusses health benefits.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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  • Oak Names Databasenew
    This database is nearing completion and is open to visitors.
    You are welcome to contribute feedback or extra information on oaks
    to the author and international Cultivar Registrar, Piers Trehane.
  • Acorns
    Selection & Preparation of acorns for cooking
  • Acorn Recipes
    Acorns were part of the diet of native Americans.
    This page contains some native American recipes. Recipes are:
    acorn bread, acorn pancakes, acorn stew, acorn-pinon soup.
  • Acorns
    Discusses the uses for acorns.
  • Oak
    Oaks around the world briefly described.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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  • Pawpaw Linksnew
    Enter "pawpaw" into Clemson's search engine to get a list of links to a variety of information about pawpaw such as container production, genetic diversity, and pawpaw crop publications
  • Pawpaw
    Taste, composition, cultivation, links to other pawpaw sites.
  • All about Pawpaw
    Words, pictures, health benefits, how to grow pawpaw.
  • Cooking with Pawpaws by SC. Jones and D.R. Layne
    This 12 page article contains 25 recipes, nutritional and
    cultivar information.
    A paper copy can be obtained from S.C. Jones.
  • Pawpaw Information
    A comprehensive source of pawpaw information at KYSU.
    KYSU has a pawpaw research program directed toward
    developing pawpaw as a new commercial tree fruit crop.
  • Selecting and Caring for pawpaw
    Pawpaw enthusiast, Ray Jones, provides information on all aspects of
    pawpaw cultivation, and a list of the best pawpaw cultivars with regard
    to fruit quality.
  • The Pawpaw (Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal): A New Fruit Crop
    for Kentucky and the United States
    This 8 page article, which includes color photos, is not on-line, but
    can be obtained from its author, Dr. Desmond Layne.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on pawpaw|

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  • Ozark Native Pecannew
    This site contains information native American wild crops including Ozark Native Pecan. There is a link to sites where these can be purchased.
  • Pest Management
    This site contains information about the value of spiders as natural predators in nut tree pest management.
  • Pecan Nutrition
    This site contains nutrition information about pecans and also pecan recipes.
  • Bedford County Nursery
    Picture of pecan tree
  • All about pecans
    This site describes pecan trees, where they grow, how they are grown and uses for their nuts.
  • Pecan Recipes
    This site includes recipes which make use of nuts, including pecans.
  • Pecans
    General information on harvesting pecans.
  • Appropriate Technology Transfer For Rural Areas
    The following topics are extensively covered: pecan culture, agroforestry, northern pecan varieties, diseases, tree care, pests. A number of pecan resources are also included in this site's pecan area.
  • A Marketplace for the Pecan Industry
    The purpose of this site is to bring together buyers and sellers within the pecan industry. This site has an auction feature.
  • Oklahoma State University
    There are a large number of documents on growing pecans. There are also other documents on fruits, grapes, etc.
  • Pecan Resources
    There are a large number of links to pecan and other nut related web pages.
  • New Mexico State University
    There are several documents on growing pecans in New Mexico.
  • Pecan Resources
    Basic pecan information and many recipes to make pecan pies and other dishes.
  • National Pecan Shellers Association
    The visitor will find: guidelines for size and color of shelled pecans, marketing promotion research, a profile of the pecan industry, information on pecan nutrition, information on the use of pecans in processed foods.
  • Pecan Marketing
    Prices, grades, maketing channels, pecan processors, and marketing alternatives.
  • Pecan Cultivar Registry
    Pecan breeding and genetics. Site includes pecan cultivar and pecan photo index.
  • Evaluating Pecan Problems
  • Home Fruit Production - Pecans
    Soil and site requirements, varieties and seedlings, purchasing, planting and diseases.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on pecans|

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  • American Persimmonsnew is dedicated to growing, education and use
    of Diospyros virginiana L., the common, or American persimmon.
  • Abstracts, publications, and reports
    Persimmon fact sheets, articles on persimmon disorders,
    crop profiles and persimmon production.
  • North American Fruit Explorers
    Site contains a listing of some of its extensive library resources,
    information on regional fruit groups, and is in the process of
    establishing a list of special consultants on various fruits.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on persimmon|

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  • Pinon Nuts Organizationnew
    This site is a resource for land managers, pinon harvesters, brokers and consumers of wild pinon nuts. It includes harvest regions, regional harvest forecasts, harvest records, directories of harvesters and brokers, and more.
  • Native Pinyon Pine Nutsnew
    This site contains information about native American wild crops including native Pinyon Pine Nuts. There is a link to sites where these can be purchased.
  • Conifers Around the World
    This Web site belongs to a nonprofit organization whose mission is to distribute knowledge about trees and enhance their preservation. Click here to learn about 20 years of research which has culminated in the book, Conifers Around the World.
  • Pinyon Pine and Fire Ecology
    This web site discusses land management policies that have interferred with the commercial pine nut harvest.
  • Pinenut.Com
    This page provides global information about pine nut production. It also contains an article: "Pine Nuts: A Case for Sustainable Non-Timber Forest Products"
  • Pinon Historynew
    The commercial history of pinons.
  • Pinyon Recipes
    This page contains recipes that include nuts, including Pinyons.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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  • PacificNutProducer.comnew
    A great resource for learning how to improve orchard management practices and keeping up with what is happening in the industry.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits|

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|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on black walnuts|

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  • PacificNutProducer.comnew
    A great resource for learning how to improve orchard management practices and keeping up with what is happening in the industry.
  • Data base of cultivars
    This database contains over 750 named varieties of black, Japanese, and Persian (English or Carpathian) walnuts and butternuts. Most listings are black walnuts. Histories of ortet trees are included.
  • About Persian Walnuts
    General information on the location and growth of walnut trees, a description of them and uses for them and their nuts.
  • Report on Persian Walnut, Butternut Walnut and Eastern Black Walnut

    This report discusses walnut breeding resources and objectives in the National Clonal Germplasm Repository. Topics covered include germplasm maintenance, addition of new germplasm, breeding objectives, rootstock development, and vulnerabilities to pests and diseases.

    Acrobat Reader is required to read this report. Acrobat reader can be downloaded free at from the Adobe Web site.

  • Dept. of Pomology, University of California at Davis

    The only major persian walnut breeding program in the U.S. is located at U.C. Davis. This site has a large amount of information on persian walnuts.

  • Persian Walnut Site at Purdue University
    Site includes numerous articles and documents on Persian walnuts. Some topics covered are commercial potential, cultivation and harvesting.

|Resources on other nuts or fruits||Literature on persian walnuts|

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