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The NNGA Library contains books, articles, publications and files about chestnuts, black walnuts, persian walnuts, pecans, hickories, nut trees, nut growing, hazelnuts, butternuts, paw paw, persimmons, landscaping, gardening, tree care and plant care.
All sections of the library are listed on the left side of every page in the library. The visitor can transfer to any section of the library from any page of the library by clicking the desired section.A link to an order form plus links to areas of the web site with related information is also included on the left side of every library page.

- Library Rules -

NNGA members, NAFEX members, or those who become NNGA members when requesting a book, may borrow items from this list for up to one month. Due to the limited amount of material available only two items from each category may be borrowed at a time. Please indicate an alternate selection in the case that your first choice is already checked out. A fine of $.25 per item per week may be imposed on overdue books, and if not returned after an overdue notice, books may be replaced at the borrower's expense.

- Articles -

The NNGA has been publishing articles on nuts and nut trees in its Annual Report since 1910. We have selected some of these articles for summarization to show the visitor an example of the kind of information that is available. These articles may be requested for a small fee which covers postage and copying costs.

An index of NNGA Annual Reports from 1910 - 1974 that can lead you to other helpful articles is available for purchase. The Annual Report Index is available for purchase at $6.50. Add $1.50 for each non-US order to defray the cost of postage. All prices are quoted in US dollars and are for prepaid orders.

- Fees for Articles -

Articles are 15 cents per page for members; 25 cents per page for non-members. Add postage of 50 cents for 4 or less pages, or $1.00 for 5 or more pages.

- Postage Cost for Borrowed Books -

Category 1 - Books, loose leaf bound issues of the NUTSHELL and miscellaneous files of information by topic. A fee of $3.00 for one item or $4.50 for two items for the UnitedStates and $4.75 for one item and $7.00 for two items for Canada and all other countries.Add $0.50 per item for items marked "HEAVY" for all locations.

Category 2 - Annual Reports and light publications of generally less than 100 pages. A fee of $2.00 for one item or $3.00 for two items for the United States, $2.50 for one item or $3.75 for two items for Canada and $2.75 for all other countries.

- How to Order -

Fill out and submit the online order form. This will allow us to reserve your book or prepare your article, and verify your membership. Your book or article will be mailed upon receipt of your check.

You may click on order form to order a copy of an article, borrow a book or purchase an Annual Report Index or other NNGA publication.

If you have any questions about your order or about the ordering process, contact Jerry Henkin at


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