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Marketing Nuts
Introduction by Jerry Henkin, NNGA Librarian

If you're planning on planting nut trees on your farm, it's wise to do the market research before setting forth on a decades-long venture. Among the many considerations are how and where will the nuts be marketed.

Two of our speakers who grow chestnuts talked about their marketing strategies at last year's NNGA Conference. Among the ways which they sell their produce are advertisements on their web sites, direct marketing at farm stands, selling wholesale through health food stores, and pick-your-own operations.

Another outlet for nut sales is through CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture farms). If you're not familiar with CSA's, the way in which they work is that subscribers pay in advance for the season's fresh produce, which are prepared for delivery, or picked up on the farm, from late May through early November. The farmer and her/his apprentices work diligently to plant a wide variety of crops which can be harvested on a time schedule to fit weekly deliveries. Most CSA's do not include nuts as part of their offerings. Here's an opportunity for nut growers to arrange for sales through CSA's. Bartering nuts for a share in a CSA is another way for profit from nut growing.

To learn more about CSA's and find one I your area, go to the following web sites:

Tips for Selling Through CSA's

Marketing and Business Information

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