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Feature Article of the Month

Going Nuts from Growing Nuts in the East Branch Delaware Valley
by Michael Kudish

Saving the Ash Tree
by Jonathan Rosenthal, Director of the Ecological Research Institute

Introduction by Jerry Henkin, NNGA Librarian

This month's feature article contains two related sources of information on nut trees and their care. Both were discovered in planning for the recent fall meeting of the New York Nut Growers Association (NYNGA) in Stamford, New York.

The first is a historical account of how nut trees came to exist in the forests of the Catskill Mountains. "Going Nuts from Growing Nuts in the East Branch Delaware Valley" by Michael Kudish, may be found at On the morning of the NYNGA meeting, we hiked through the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve. The tour was led by Michael Kudish and David Turan, Executive Director of the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve (MKNHP).

In the afternoon, our group met at a local church for lunch, and presentations on the soil of the area using the Web Soil Survey, the nutritional and medical benefits of nuts, on-going projects of the NYNGA, and the methods used to mitigate the damage done to ash trees by the emerald ash borer. This last topic suggests methods that we, as nut tree growers, could employ when countering the harm done by insects to black walnut, butternut, chestnut, and hazelnuts. It was given by Jonathan Rosenthal, Director of the Ecological Research Institute. His presentation about saving the ash tree may be seen in its entirety, along with three other speakers, at Mr. Rosenthal is seeking volunteers to aid in the study of ash tree preservation. He can be reached at, (845) 419 - 5529.

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